About “Boricua Reads” and #ReadLatinx



#ReadLatinx is a Twitter hashtag created by Adriana M. Martínez Figueroa in June 2018 as a way to promote books written and/or illustrated by Latinx. It was generally used to uplift voices that don’t get much needed promotion from publishers, but has become a way for Latinx creatives to find a bigger audience through social media. #ReadLatinx promotes upcoming releases with posts on social media and masterposts detailing which books come out between a certain period of time.

Can other people use #ReadLatinx?

Use it to promote books by Latinx authors/illustrators. It would be preferable if you didn’t use it to promote books that haven’t been written/illustrated by Latinx but have Latinx rep. If you’re going to talk about the hashtag, please credit me. I do all this work for free, but it takes me a long time to compile lists and write up articles and posts and I am unemployed at the moment.


Adriana M. Martínez Figueroa (boricuareads)

Adriana is a bisexual Puerto Rican writer. She holds a B.A. from Iowa State University in Women and Gender Studies with a minor in US Latinx Studies. Her words can be found on her WordPress blog (Boricua Reads) as well as Bustle, Tor.com, inQluded, and the forthcoming anthology Boricua en la Luna. She lives in Vega Baja, PR.

Publications by Adriana M. Martínez Figueroa

Book Reviews:



  • dengue - inQluded

  • “reusable heart” & “what is home?” - Boricua en la Luna anthology (upcoming)